Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bean town

By the time I get home it's around nine pm and the national highway isn't lit well enough for me to enjoy the walk back from the bus stop. Recently they've started digging up either side of Old Madras Rd with the lackadaisical intention of expanding it. We were glad to note that the bulldozers and road rollers make occasional appearances.

Last evening, the traffic forced me onto the dug-up part of the road on the side. Which was okay really, because most of the motorcyclists and the odd car preferred the same recourse.
As I brisk walked the last stretch before turning into my bylane, the ground gave way below my left foot and I dropped straight down. Three feet. And landed clumsily on my left ankle. I also scraped my knee through my jeans (on the jellystone-soft mud mixture that was forming the foundation for the expanded road). Something that hasn't happened since my last fall on the basketball court back in college. And just the other day I was noting how most of my sports scars had nearly disappeared, too. Ah, well.

This morning at the office someone poked his head inside the door.
'Excuse me, this is for a survey. What is your opinion on changing the city name to Bengaluru?'
Aarti replied instantly, 'Arre, I don't mind if you call it Chennai also. Just do something about the roads.'
I second that.