Monday, April 03, 2006

Young love

So I was dressing in the changing room after my workout when two teenage girls (who couldn't have been older than sixteen) walked in to wait for the shower. They turned to the mirror and proceeded to check themselves out.

Girl 1: (looks at her side profile and tugs at her sports bra) They just aren’t growing fast enough.
Girl 2: (rolls her eyes) They don’t grow everyday, you know.
Girl 1: Not like that, I’m using this new cream. It’s supposed to help. Two to three weeks.
Girl 2: Really? Where’d you get it?
Girl 1: (blushes) Rehan bought it for me.
Girl 2: That’s so sweet of him!
Girl 1: Yeah, he likes me to look good, you know.

Um, yes. Sweet.