Friday, February 17, 2006

Jacaranda morning

With summer breathing down my neck, I walk the circuitous, scenic route to work. My path is now longer, but trees reach out from either side of the road and the sun hits my eyes less frequently.
And the jacarandas are now in full bloom. The tar roads seem festive now, strewn with purple trumpet blossoms. The pockmarked path seem less harsh these days.

The tree outside our compound wall has only just burst into bloom and I slowed down this morning to appreciate its tardiness. Standing close to the trunk, I craned my neck upwards and filled my gaze with lilac flowers, jaunty against the electric blue of the sky.

Then my peripheral vision caught Aarti sipping her coffee on the terrace.
‘What are you? Ten years old?’ she called out.
‘Just making some time for the little things, you hardened caffeine addict,’ I answered.

And as I took my first step towards the office, I landed my foot squarely in a fresh pile of cow dung. Covered almost entirely with gorgeous lavender flowers, of course.