Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Groupie love

Z’s husband plays the drums. And we had a chance to watch him perform at BC’s Nostalgia Night. Since Z and I were below the age limit, we had to use the crew passes to get in. So Z, B, Dilettante and I were IJ’s groupies for the night. And although we didn’t get to hear a drum solo, we did hear some talented senior citizens crooning. Also, much dancing was done. It’s wonderful to watch old couples waltz and foxtrot with such tremendous grace. I was sighing most of the night as elderly gentlemen reached for their wives and led them to the dance floor.

B and I decided we’d be a waltzing couple (when it became appropriate for us to stop bouncing and bopping). When the waltz stopped and the jive and disco started, we hit the floor. I have now realised that couples need practice in order to coordinate their jive. Say this to B and he’ll shoot back ‘You have to improvise, see?’ before breaking into his Coorg tribal dance butt-shake while I’m still waiting for him to dip me. Sure, salsa classes helped, but then after a point he refused to attend, saying that he was spending money to watch me dance with other guys. (Our class had an acute shortage of girls, so we’d rotate.)

While we weren’t dancing, we were (okay, I was) checking out the women on the lawn and on the floor. Spotted were plenty of ladies I would love to look like when I become fifty. Speaking of attractive women, I saw Hot Gym Lady who comes to work out in the morning. At one point Dilettante and I were so busy checking out Hot Gym Lady (he, being more tactful than I, managed a great view - owing mostly to his height) while we were wildly flailing our legs in a can-can sort of item number, when we banged shins as a result of our shameless ogling - after which we decided to do the twist instead.

And Z would look lovingly at IJ sitting behind the drums and smile whenever he looked up and made eye contact. Z eventually confessed she was missing him. So, anticipating a break in between songs, we walked around to his end of the stage waiting for him to jump down. He disappeared backstage just then only to join B and Dilettante at the other side, looking for Z. That was such a movie moment.

I’d say we make excellent groupies!