Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Always innocents

I’ve been frantically reading the news and posts and comments about the blasts last night.
I’ve been trying to call friends. I reached for my phone as soon as I got home and went through my address book. Alphabetically. Name by name. I was able to speak to some. Not to others.
I’ve been watching the death toll increase through the course of the day. The heavy ache that’s settled in my stomach feels uncomfortably familiar.
Always civilians. Always innocents.

I hope Mumbai’s spirit is truly as resilient as we hear. I hope the heart-warming acts of kindness shown in the last twenty four hours spill over, through the rest of the year. I hope I get through to those I still haven’t heard from. Just so they know that I’m thinking of them. Even if I don’t email as often as I promise. Even if we haven't seen each other for over a year. Two years, for some. Even if their numbers have been sitting in my address book all the while.
I hadn’t called until I started fearing for their safety.

I hope we all make it home safe this evening.

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