Friday, September 15, 2006

Five things

Another tag.

This one requires one to post five things to do in one’s city - not touristy stuff, but what one loves to do.

I know, I know. Five things in one city.
I suppose this is fraudulent, but I couldn’t make up my mind. Noting down all my favourite things made me realise how much I love each of my cities. So I’m posting the entire ordeal that I went through in choosing just one place. And that’s why I could leave out none.
So here’s a list of my five favourite things to do in the cities that have been home to me so far.

I keep coming home to:

  • Full meals at RR
  • Bus-ing my way around the city and looking at the traffic without an ounce of road rage
  • Fish curry-dosa at Pecos
  • Disappearing for hours at the invisible Select Bookshop
  • Walking the streets of Indiranagar/Jayanagar/CV Raman nagar when it drizzles

Home base and respite during my work in Orissa:

  • Diesel fry
  • Sitting on the wall of the Dhauli looking over the expanse of paddy fields between the stupa and the city (must be done again before Bbsr starts eating up the empty space and engulfs Dhauli altogether)
  • Multiple share autos
  • Badam kulfi at Unit I market
  • Sleeping on the terrace during sweltering summer nights

ACJ and an insane schedule permitted the following:

  • Iddiappams at Vasantha Bhavan
  • Frozen yoghurt at Amethyst
  • Turtle walks
  • Watching local and amateur rock bands perform at the Unwind Centre
  • Lingerie shopping at Mermaid with the girls

The following make me feel at home:

  • A corner table and conversation at Dolly's Tea Shop in the Dakshinapan shopping complex
  • Phuchka
  • Elaborate breakfasts at Flury’s
  • Stopping for maati bhaarer cha at a corner tea stall, asking for refills in the same earthen cup until you’re entirely satisfied
  • Tram rides (because nobody’s ever in a hurry)

And now, Arka, Gee Baby and Aristera may consider themselves tagged.